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Terms and conditions of use of the website or blog Welcome to our website. The services and/or products are offered by MasterProds in the form of this term represented only by website, blog or company, responsible and holder of the intellectual property, with the address www.masterprods.com and with all rights reserved on the articles, videos and images present and related therein.

Staying on the website automatically implies tacit acceptance of these terms of use below.

1. From the Object

This platform aims to use the website with the company’s intellectual property content, for different purposes, always focused on user information and knowledge. The Company provides high quality information and content, created by a professional team and reviewed by experts, with an informative function only.

E-commerce can also be carried out through this platform, that is, the sale of products and services electronically. You will also have access to original content, videos and articles written by our team, which provide solutions to the reader’s doubts and questions.

Please note that we are not responsible for the misuse of this information, and that our company will do its best to keep all data up to date, however, some articles may contain information that does not reflect the truth at this time.

2. Acceptance

This document “Terms and Conditions of Use” applicable to the use of the website/blog, specifies that the user, before accessing the website, carefully read and review the present terms, as it establishes obligations contracted freely and spontaneously for an indefinite period between all users or visitors to the website or blog.

When using or accessing the platform, the user fully accepts and commits to the established rules, at the risk of being criminally penalized. Acceptance of this instrument is essential for accessing the page. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of use contained in this document, please do not access or use the website or blog.

The Website and subsidiaries reserve the right to update the terms of use periodically, without any notice, and may therefore be subject to updates or modifications.

3. User access

On some days or times, access to the page may be interrupted, limited or suspended, due to modifications, updates or similar actions that are necessary to improve performance and access for users and the owner.

The website and any service offered by the page may only be made available to you if you fully agree with the applicable legislation and these terms of use.

Minors under 18 years of age or those who do not have full civil capacity must obtain the prior express consent of those responsible to access the page, and it is their sole responsibility for access to the content of the page by minors under 18 years of age or by those who do not have legal capacity. civil.

If you are under 18, do not access the website without authorization from your guardian. Pay close attention, when using/accessing this website you declare that you have full legal capacity, that is, you declare that you are over 18 years old and are civilly capable.

4. Registration

For you to have access to the page/features/services, you may need to register in advance.

When registering, the user must correctly provide complete data, being their sole responsibility for updating them, as well as their commitment that the data presented is accurate.

The user of the website/blog also undertakes not to inform any person/third party of their registration data contained on the platform and is responsible for the use and what is done. In some cases, after registration confirmation, you will have a login (username and password) and will be able to access the page. Access is individual.

Any activity used with your login is your sole responsibility. If your password is misused or lost, quickly inform the platform. Your account is non-transferable. It is not legal to sell, transfer, rent or lend.

5. License

THE COMPANY grants a limited, non-transferable, revocable, non-exclusive and non-authorizable license to view the materials displayed on the website or blog, exclusively for personal, non-profit use.

All materials found on the website, including, but not limited to, sounds, videos, audio, logos, trade names, layouts, illustrations, photographs, artwork, HTML code, page design and software are the property of the COMPANY and its content suppliers, with these rights being reserved in relation to intellectual property and copying without prior express authorization is prohibited.

The materials contained on this page are protected by Law 9,610/18 – Copyright Law, Law nº 9,279/96 – Industrial Property Law and other relevant rules, regulations and applicable national or international intellectual property legislation.

These terms of use do not grant or transfer to the website user any right to use intellectual property, other than that granted for personal use or other than that granted with the limited license that was acquired.

The user may not use any component of the page without the prior and express consent of the owner and respective holders. Improper use of the page or the contents contained therein violates the COMPANY’s intellectual property rights, and is punishable under the terms of applicable legislation.

6. General Prohibitions

In connection with your USE, you agree NOT to:

1 – Violate any rights related to privacy or intellectual property, including, without any limitation, patents, trademarks, copyrights, commercial secrets of third parties, including (physical or legal name) and its partners/affiliates.

2 – Violate any of the applicable rules, laws or regulations, laws relating to exports, laws against discrimination, laws that violate copyright.

3 – Publish, store, upload, copy any material that:

A) It is considered illegal, defamatory, offensive, misleading, harmful, threatening, fraudulent, embarrassing or obscene; 

B) Interferes in any way with the normal operations and use of the website, such as publishing or transmitting virus files, spam, chain letters, franchises or the like; 

C) Violate any contractual obligation; 

D) Violate confidentiality; 

E) Embarrass or harass a third party with some type of message or something similar; 

F) Violate or attempt to violate the Site’s security measures;

G) Access or use a third party account on the website; 

H) Use robots or scanning systems to monitor or access website files; 

I) Modify, copy, reproduce, distribute, delete, store, transmit, sell, resell, publish and any related terms, of the materials and content present on the website/blog, except with authorization or that are your property; 

J) Pretend to be another person/third party; 

K) Publish any information considered missing, incomplete or inaccurate; 

L) Provide any false information about yourself; 

M) Tamper with any information, such as an email message or header with the logo. 

7. Sanctions

Without prejudice to other legally applicable measures, the company may at any time suspend, cancel or warn the user’s access/account, without any notice or notification, when the user does something that: 

a) That violates the terms contained in this document; 

b) That does not respect and fails to comply with user duties; 

c) Any fraudulent, offensive or malicious behavior towards third parties. 

8. Specific responsibilities and uses

In addition to the responsibilities set out in the terms and conditions of use, you agree to comply with the following clauses: 

– Use the website only for due and legitimate purposes, without any devirtualization of the main purpose; 

– Provide complete, updated, accurate and truthful information; 

– Publish materials or comments that you have full responsibility, rights and licenses to use; 

– Assume risks of any improper use of the website or the contents available therein;

– Information disclosed by the user, whether by comment or in any other way; 

– Protection for your login data; 

– Illegal content or activities carried out through this page; 

– Content from external pages, links for commercial or advertising purposes, illicit, harassing, violent, controversial, xenophobic, pornographic, offensive and discriminatory information is strictly prohibited. 

The website or blog may also present links such as hyperlink buttons, which direct access to third-party websites. 

Third-party websites/blogs have no link to this page, and the owner (individual or legal entity) is not responsible for any information, material or content contained on linked websites and is not responsible for any content or products for sale on others. site. 

The website/blog or any other platform has no association, or relationship, much less any form of sponsorship with the owner of this page.

Responsibility for accessing websites that appear on the page is your sole responsibility.

Use your judgment and common sense to access third-party websites that appear in the links and always check the terms of use and privacy policies. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of third parties, even if they are linked websites/blogs that appear on our platform. 

9. Privacy and Cookies Policy

In addition to this document, the user must agree with the provisions contained in the Privacy Policy established by the platform and, in this act, authorizes the company to collect, store, disclose, use, share with partners their personal data as provided in such file.

A cookie is a small text file, which when the user accesses the website or blog, is requested on their device so that the browser remembers information about it, such as username and login information.

Cookies are set by our team and may be website domain, advertising or marketing cookies.

We use cookies for advertising, social media, performance or strictly necessary purposes. 

Ex: Advertising cookies: This type of cookie can be established by the website/blog or advertising-related partners to build a profile of users’ interests and thus show topics considered relevant.

If you do not allow access to cookies, you have less access to targeted advertising. 

10. Monetization

The website/blog is or can be monetized in different ways, including, but not limited to, direct partnerships with companies, or advertising platforms such as Google Ads (Adsense) or similar. 

These programs use cookies to personalize advertisements to visitors and may use navigation data to provide better advertisements to visitors.

Any sponsored post is marked with the “Advertising” tag

If you would like to have your product advertised on our blog/website or advertise your product or service, please get in touch.

The Company is not responsible for purchases or access to third-party websites that may appear in advertisements, as they can be done automatically. 

11. Do Foro

In the event of any disputes arising from any controversy, Brazilian law and applicable national legislation will be applied, where the chosen forum will be that of the Company’s district.